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Even more about me

Based in:

Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich


since 2018 - Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

2011 - 2016 - Hochschule Offenburg

Special skills:

LED Wall, Motion Capture, Virtual Environments, 16mm Film

I'm currently working on my diploma in cinematography at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg where I've been studying since 2018. I specialize in fiction and commercial films, but I'm always upper something new. I've been working in film and television for well over 10 years now and oh boy do I love it. Telling stories is something so inherently beautiful. Some topics very close to my heart and which I always love to do projects on are gender equality, xenophobia and environmental protection but I'm of course always open for interesting stories of any kind. 


Something I adore about filmmaking is the collaboration aspect. It gives me the opportunity to express my own creativity while working together with all those other talented people, each committed to the common goal of telling an engaging story. The ensuing creative process is different every time and I continue to learn more about it with each project. I love to be on the team as early as possible to engage in these talks and be a part of this intricate process. Let's drink a lot of coffee and wine, explore different ideas, discuss our intentions for the story and how the camera can enrich our piece. Let’s try things, see if they work and explore what we can do to make them even better. I love crazy, bold and philosophical concepts. Let's shoot a movie with a circle frame or paint the grass blue. Give me restrictions and I will have a blast playing around with them and weaving them into our concept.

I love doing what I do and I love working with people who feel the same way about their work. So let's sit together and talk about your film and how we can work together to tell your story.

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